dawanda designerinnen und jamming mit claudia

wohntextilien und anziehendes von

 poncho *golden reed*  und tasche *tamiko*

und 16 x claudia!!!!!

hippyja yeah

beany *marley*

Ooh, yeah! All right!
We're jammin':
I wanna jam it wid you.
We're jammin', jammin',
And I hope you like jammin', too.

Ain't no rules, ain't no vow, we can do it anyhow:
I'n'I will see you through,
'Cos everyday we pay the price with a little sacrifice,
Jammin' till the jam is through.

We're jammin' -
To think that jammin' was a thing of the past;
We're jammin',
And I hope this jam is gonna last.

*jamming*  von bob marley

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